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Officers & Committees

Association for Law, Property and Society

Officers, Board of Directors, and Committees


Tim Mulvaney                 President                 (Texas A&M)

Sarah Schindler              Vice-President        (University of Denver)

Jessica Shoemaker         Treasurer                (Nebraska College of Law)

Amelia Thorpe                Secretary                (University of New South Wales)

Board of Directors:

Board Members (serving 2022-2025)

Tola Amodu                       (University of East Anglia)

Kelvin Low                         (National University of Singapore)

J. Peter Byrne                    (Georgetown University Law Center)

Board Members (serving 2021-2024)

Jill Robbie                            (University of Glasgow School of Law)

Alex Flynn                           (University of British Columbia School of Law)

Sheldon Bernard Lyke      (University of Baltimore School of Law)


Board Members (serving 2020-2023)

Wian Erlank   (North-West University)

Priya Gupta   (McGill University Faculty of Law)

John Lovett    (Loyola University New Orleans)

Board Members (serving 2019-2023):

Marc Roark         (Southern University)

Lua Yuille            (University of Kansas) 



Outreach/Social Media Committee

Sheldon Bernard Lyke and Alexandra Flynn (Co-Chairs)


Program Committee

Sally Richardson and Jessica Shoemaker  (Co-Chairs)


Mentoring Committee

Erin Ryan  (Chair)

Past Presidents:

Sally Richardson  (Tulane Law School)                      (2021-22)

Robin Hickey (Queens University Belfast)                (2020-21)

Nestor Davidson (Fordham University)                    (2019-20)

Douglas Harris (University of British Columbia)     (2018-19)

Lorna Fox O'Mahony (University of Essex)              (2017-18)

Rebecca Hardin (University of Michigan)                 (2016-17)
James C. Smith (University of Georgia)                     (2015-16)

Rashmi Dyal-Chand (Northeastern)                          (2014-15)

D. Ben Barros  (Toledo)                                                (2013-14)

Hari Osofsky (Penn State)                                           (2012-13)
Michael Diamond (Georgetown)                                (2011-12)

Robin Paul Malloy (Syracuse)                                      (2009-11)


Nestor Davidson (Fordham University)

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